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RO-MiNA is a singer and songwriter best known for her widely-acclaimed EDM single, Insane. Produced by Christiano Jordano, the track climbed up the Billboard Dance Club chart to number 13, remaining in the Top 25 for more than five weeks. Following its rise on the charts, both Swedish producer, Stonebridge and Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, remixed the track propelling RO-MiNA into the spotlight as the streaming numbers grew to over 700,000 views. Audé’s dedicated fandom stemming from his work with U2, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Beyoncé, grew Ro-mina’s following and led to her next chapter of collaborations.

For her Winter 2016 video release, RO-MiNA teamed up with producer, Spencer Graves and director, Sasha Samsonova releasing “Queen of The Night to a worldwide audience. Graves is a renowned Los Angeles-based art director with an outstanding list of video credits spanning from Meghan Trainor to Tiesto to The Kills to Justin Bieber to Britney Spears. Samsonova’s directorial talent shines in “Queen of The Night”, and follows her work with Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Kelly Rowland and Kylie Jenner. In 2017, more club bangers are on the way as RO-MiNA continues to work with producer, Christiano Jordano. Together, they have performed at some of the hottest clubs in Miami and Philadelphia.

Born in Uzbekistan, with Persian and Jewish roots, RO-MiNA grew up speaking Russian prior to arriving on the Eastern shore of the United States. She knew from a young age that her path would be in music.

“I can remember being five years old and knowing that music was where I wanted to be and how I wanted to connect with people,” says RO-MiNA. “I love exploring the idea of our shared human experience and specifically the struggles we all go through. I’ve had my share of difficulties and music has helped me to get through many obstacles. I live to inspire others and hope that people find strength and inspiration in the music that I write.”

RO-MiNA finds inspiration in being different and encourages others to express themselves fully. Her diverse cultural background adds to her artistic appreciation and she most often finds herself in the worlds of music, visual art, fashion and design. Her striking beauty – coupled with her powerful voice, warm personality and passion for creativity – has already caught the eyes of fans on a global scale.

The future is bright for this American electronic dance music rising star.

To listen to RO-MiNA’s latest tracks, visit soundcloud.com/ro-mina-edm.

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