Queen of the Night Video Shoot – Behind the Scenes!

I am really excited to share some of my behind the scenes photos from my amazing video shoot. I had fun picking out this location with my team. The shoot happened at this water studio in the deserts of Los Angeles. It was such a hot, sweaty day and all this water really helped us stay cool.

The entire shoot lasted 12 hours and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being in front of the camera, singing and playing the role of “Queen of the Night”. It really takes a big team to produce a successful, dynamic and professional music video. I enjoyed the process and can’t wait to record my next video and share with you guys!

The team behind this video includes:

Some of the photos from that day!

romina-behindthescenes5With the director of the video: Sasha Samsonova

romina-behindthescenes3Sasha framing the shot of me in this amazing Queen of the Night costume!

romina-behindthescenes2The pool scene we did at night and the water was FREEZING!
This scene was hard but I worked through it!

romina-behindthescenes1Just look at the scale of the set, it felt like a movie studio!

romina-video-shoot7The team at work.

romina-video-shoot6The amazing Maxine Hupy!

If you have not seen my video – click here to play!