I am someone you would call a dreamer. I’ve wanted to become a singer ever since I can remember. I was always was singing in the mirror and putting on ridiculous outfits and making my own little performances at home. I knew that one way or another, one day my dreams would come true.

I’ve worked signing at restaurants, competed in talent shows, and sang at parties and family affairs. After becoming successful as a business entrepreneur, I decided to invest time into my own music. I met Christiano at the perfect time and together we’ve been creating magic. We’ve surprised ourselves on more then one occasion with our creativity.

Recently I’ve been very inspired and after years of trying, I’ve finally been able to write my own lyrics. I am constantly listening to music and dissecting every piece of it to make my music even better. I love the way certain songs make me feel and I want to be able to move people with my words. I write things that people can relate to and most of my songs come from real situations in my life.

I like to consider myself as a pretty hard worker. I have more energy then a lot of people which gives me the strength to do everything I do! I also believe that if I believe in something enough, it tends to happen. I know I can reach my dream because of how far I can push things. I won’t take no for an answer!

Maybe my dreams seem unreal to some, but I rather reach for the stars then just stand on the ground with everyone else. By the end of 2015 I want every DJ in the world playing my songs and every person dancing and singing along!



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